Fundraising 101 Guidebook


A Guidebook for Fundraising and Development Professionals

Gaining a strategic understanding of the overall "fundraising process" can help an organization map goals and activities to develop donor engagement, build lasting relationships, and gain financial support toward the cause it serves.

In this guidebook, fundraisers will better understand how to strengthen their strategies to attract, cultivate, and retain donors over time. This guidebook will explore the fundraising cycle as well as the gift pyramid and serve as a how-to tool to help fundraisers enhance their development and fundraising programs.


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Key Fundraising Principles

The backbone of any successful fundraising operation is gaining a strategic understanding of the overall fundraising process.



Maximizing Fundraising Efforts

Learn more about the gift pyramid and amplify your efforts by qualifying donors and encouraging increased giving.



How Manning & Napier Can Help

Learn more about the services we can provide to help your organization achieve its mission.

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