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Important Tax, Savings, and Benefit Updates for 2019

Webinar Overview

Every new year seems to bring changes to tax laws, Social Security benefits, healthcare, and more. 2018 in particular ushered in significant changes under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. In many cases, some of this information can be difficult to locate or understand which can make creating a comprehensive plan challenging.

Please join us for our upcoming webinar where our planning experts will discuss the important changes in 2019 to help you and your family plan for a successful year. Key topics we'll cover include:

  • Tax rate changes
  • New contribution limits
  • Updates to Social Security
  • Medicare rates and enrollment periods

Featured Speakers

Dana Vosburgh, CFP
Director of Family Wealth Management

Ethan McKenney, CFP
Client Consultant

Veronica Van Nest, JD
Senior Wealth Management Consultant

Margaret Jeffries, CFP
Junior Wealth Management Consultant

Webinar Registration

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