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In this edition

+ investments

Five Investment Themes for the Year Ahead

+ planning

Positioning Your Family for the Next Generation

+ planning

Stretching Out Your IRA with a Charitable Trust

+ advice

Now is the Time for Women to Focus on Finances

+ planning

Flexible Retirement Savings Solutions for Owner-Only Business

+ investments

Estate Planning in an Uncertain Landscape

+ planning

Four Trends in Philanthropy

+ investments

An Economic Attitude Adjustment

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Also, thank you for sending that edition of Prosper over to me. A lot of useful information in there!

Thank you for sending the nine copies of Prosper. They will be distributed to my three children and five grandchildren with the hope that they will strike a chord.

All in all, Prosper is something that each client would - and should - find interesting and important.

In previous editions

Prosper, Volume 3 Cover

Prosper, Volume 3

Our third edition of Prosper covers common and complex financial planning topics including estate planning, investment themes, paying for college, trusts, recent legislation, retirement planning, and much more.

Prosper, Volume 2 Cover

Prosper, Volume 2

Some of the popular articles in our second edition of Prosper included, What to Consider When Planning for Retirement, The Hidden Costs of Estate Planning, Financing a College Education, and Doing Well While Doing Good.

Prosper, Volume 1 Cover

Prosper, Volume 1

In our inaugural issue of Prosper we share insights into retirement planning, common estate planning missteps, preparing your portfolio for retirement and many more wealth management related topics.


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