Webinar Overview

Investing with a mind’s eye toward Environmental, Social, & Governance (ESG) considerations is in many ways, more important now than ever for many non-profit organizations. However, ESG investing can take many different forms, can be unique to an individual organization, and can be integrated into an overall investment program in a variety of ways. In this webinar, we will explore how non-profits can navigate the nuanced ESG landscape and implement an ESG approach with a focus on both long-term financial goals and on the organization’s values.

What You'll Learn

  • How Socially Responsible Investing has evolved over the past decade
  • How to balance both financial and value-oriented goals
  • How to educate board members about ESG investing


Nicholas Cintineo, CFA

Senior Investment Consultant

Kelly Covley, CFA

Analyst, Quantitative Strategies

Paul Stanzione, CFA

Portfolio Strategist

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